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Garage Door Repair, Installation and Gates Repair and Installation.


Milano Garage Doors and Gates services provides a professional, reliable, and fast service. Our team of trained professionals can provide the solution to most common issues within minutes of arrival to your location. Technicians travel with most common required accessories to repair garage door issues.


If the issue turns to be a more complex issue, they will provide a professional quote for the job and be able to place an order for the missing parts as well as reschedule the meeting for the next convenient time for you to meet and repair the issue on hand.


Our installation work comes with satisfaction guarantees. Our friendly service is second to none. In fact, much of our work is referral work and we strive to turn every new client into an ambassador for our services. We have been servicing the San Diego county and surrounding cities with pride. We provide garage door repair services. New garage door installation, and maintenance. New gates installation, repair and maintenance. We also do commercial gates and garage doors. Please call our office for a free quote.

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