New Garage Door Sales & Installation

If you are building a new house, or have an old garage door that is simply beyond repair or just want that spunky new look to revive the curve appeal of your home, business or commercial property you are in the right place.


Milano new garage door sales & installation is certified installer with plenty of experience with most top garage door manufacturers. Call us today to schedule an appointment for us to provide you with actual door samples, brochures, and advice about which door might work best for your project.


Following a through measuring and inspection of the opening, our certified technician will provide you with a free consultation and free estimate for your new garage door. Here are some of the most popular types of doors and the manufacturer that sell them:

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Aluminum & Steel Garage Door Installation

Aluminum and light steel are the most popular garage doors due to their durability, low cost and modularity. These doors provide an excellent solution for residential sectional garage doors, as well as commercial sectional and rolling steel. Most manufactures produces high quality garage doors in this category with premium-quality materials.

Wood Garage Door Installation

Wood garage doors are in the high-end door manufacturing category. We install wood residential garage doors as well as commercial sites. Wood products are a spectacular showcase that will elevate the look of any house or building. The material used is treated and will withstand weather as well wear and tear.

Custom Garage Door Installation

Custom garage doors can be anything you can imagine. Wood, steel, aluminum, galss, fiberglass iron and any combination. These doors are in the high-end category and will bring the theme of your house or commercial property to the next level. These doors can meet the demanding needs of homeowners, architects, builders and businesses alike.

Glass & Fiberglass Garage Door Installation

Prominent manufacturer of residential sectional garage doors, as well as commercial sectional and rolling steel. deliver a glass category. These are some of the highest quality manufactured garage doors. These doors integrate premium-quality materials with superior designs and introduce high level workmanship.