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Our company have been repairing gates and automatic gate and doors for over a decade and repairing garage doors is in our veins.


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See below the most common door types. If you don't see yours, call us to find out if we can help.

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The most common operator for single home residence is the slider. It is most suitable for limited space and a great solution for hide behind the gate wall or fence. There are a series of options to choose from the sliders family, from light duty gate to heavy duty gates. The weight and angle, height and amount of open and close cycles that comes with its lifespan. When choosing a slider, you must verify that all components work properly with each other and will fit elegantly in the environment it is being installed.


The most common operator for apartments, commercial buildings and roll up in single home residence is the overhead operator. These are industry tested reliable motors that can withstand long use as well as tear and wear. They are built modularly allowing for replacement parts provide quick fix for most common issues. Options to repair varied by manufacturers yet must will provide excellence in craftsmanship and quality of materials built to last withstanding weather as well as tear and wear.


The most common use for a swinger will be when the door needs to swing inwards outwards. Sometime both doors will swing to the same directions, and other installations will require opposite swing. These doors work great for automated entrance to commercial or residential parking spaces. Combined with Access Control, this is the ultimate in convenience and security.

Roll up

A slide operator commonly used where limited space behind property line ensuring the gate runs parallel to the fence or wall. Slide Gate Openers range from light to heavy-duty depending on the size of the entrance, weight, and quantity of open/close cycles. All the features and benefits are identical so selecting the operator is simple. An automated vehicular gate system includes several components, all of which must be selected in concert with each other and with the requirements of the job.