Gates Installation

Milano Garage Doors sell install and service automatic and non-automatic gates. We also build gates from wood, rod iron, aluminum and glass.


We have a rich experience in combining automatic gate solutions with access control systems to allow monitored secured access to residential homes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings and parking lots.


We sell the most common manufacturers and provide prescheduled maintenance programs.

If you are looking for new gates installation, you are in the right place - Milano Gates Installation.

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Security Gates

A good combination of a security gate and access control system will provide proper monitoring and security entrance. We sell install and service security gates for residential properties, commercial properties, industrial zones, parking lots, and other commercial structures.

Iron Gates

The iron made gates are a secure solution for keeping your property secure and private. These gates are massive and provide the bulk security needed to keep trespassers from getting in. Iron gates are made with a variety of beautiful designs catering for style design and theme.

Modern Gates

Los Angeles newest trend of Modern homes springs a large selection of modern design inspired gates. Combine this trend with the progress of manufacturing design and material use and the new line of modern gates and automatic gates provide an excellent complement entry for your new home.

Wood Gates

The classic look of wood sometimes combined with other materials such as iron, glass or aluminum creates a theme based solution that can be customized to harmonize well in every type opening. We design, build, install and maintain these doors for monitoring entry, providing privacy and security.

Drums and Rollers

The newest trend sweeping Los Angeles with modern home design brought the use of contemporary doors and gates. You can choose from a large variety of contemporary design inspired gates incorporating old, new and interesting element to complements a theme throughout your house or property. We can help in providing ideas as well as manufacture and install them.

Garage Door Panels

The most popular garage doors are made with durable panels and built to accommodate interchanging panels. The common accidents of bumping the door, and the simple wear and tear due to weather are the most common active causes for panel replacement. Call for free estimate now.