Commercial real estate and businesses rely on their operations on the daily functions that their environment provides.


A simple door that is stuck, can cause a bottle-neck that will halt operations an results in direct financial loss. At Milano garage door, we understand the importance of mal functions that potentially cause these problems.


We provide emergency services for commercial businesses as well as set a schedule for preventative maintenance work that will help avoid these type of issues.


The most commonly used doors in commercial are as follow:

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Sectionals Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors for commercial use provide a great deal of flexibility. The modular nature of the construction allows a long term reliable operations with lower cost of ownership over time. These doors are built with strong lasting material that can withstand weather, wear and tear allowing for smooth daily operations. We offer the most popular manufacturers sectional garage door with variety of maintenance and service options.

Rolling Garage Doors

Rolling garage doors provide a simple and effective solution for location where each square feet is important. These garage door solutions will be hidden tucked to provide a safe and secure entrance solution. These doors have a much easier installation procedure and have the same longevity and craftsmanship as other method products. We provide sales installation and service for these doors throughout the San Diego area.

Self Storage

Self-Storage garage doors are easily customized solution that will fit into any type and size structure. These doors are built to withstand high winds, weather as well as wear and tear. We sell install and service most manufacturers and provide repair service for both emergency and non-emergency calls.